Monday, April 1, 2013


ingredients : 
bread slices- 4 
2-medium potatoes (boiled)
1-small onion chopped
1-chicken stock (maggi)
2-eggs (boiled)
method : heat 1 tsp oil i a pan add onion and saute till soft..den add chicken stock n boiled potatoes..keep the filling aside.

Remove the edges of the bread n cut into 4 pieces.take 1 piece n place some potato masala on it and a piece of an egg ...den take another piece of bread apply some cheese n close it....

in a bowl add white flour,salt,chilly powder,turmeric pd,pepper pd n mix by pouring little water at a time make a smooth batter .

heat oil in a kadai..dip bread pieces in the batter n fry till crisp on medium flame.......serve hot with tomato sauce

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