Saturday, April 6, 2013

Muttamala Pathiri

For Muttamala
Sugar-3 1/2 glass
Water-3 glass

Separate egg white and yolk with your hands.Sieve all the 30 egg yolks and keep aside.Heat a nail and make hole from inside in a plastic glass.Keep the hole closed using your finger and pour the egg yolk into the glass.Prepare the sugar syrup.(in a pot add sugar and water and boil it till being sticky)When the sugar syrup boils remove your finger from below the glass and rotate the glass till the egg yolk in the glass finishes.Then using a big spoon take the cooked chain (maala) to a plate.Again pour the egg yolk to the glass and repeat the procedure again till all the egg yolk finish.


Egg white-separated while making the chain(take half of the egg white for one tray)
White flour-2 table spoon(for 15 egg white)
Salt-1 pinch
Sugar syrup-left from making the chain(add more sugar if not enough)

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer.Brush ghee in a non-stick pan and pour the mix in sim fire for15-20 minutes.
In a tray cut the egg white cake and keep one by one.Above it place the egg chain made before and garnish with cherries.

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