Monday, April 1, 2013

Pumpkin pathiri

1.flour 1 1/2 glass, salt and water(enough) for making dough
3.chilli powder-1/2tbsp,turmeric-1/4tbsp,salt for taste
5.chopped onion-300g
6.ginger-garlic paste-1tbsp,coriander leaves,curry leaves chopped-1tbsp each
7.chilly powder-1/2tsp,turmeric powder-1/4tsp,garam masala powder-1/4tsp
8.rava-1/2 glass
10.onion chopped-1,green chilly chopped-3
11.beef boiled water-3/4glass
12.curry leaves-1
13.boiled eggs-3

1.make flour dough by using item-1
2.cook beef with item-3 and mince well .keep the water separate as item 11
3.take a deep fry pan and saute onion ,then add item 6 and fry well.after add item 7 and fry again until the smell comes out.then add minced beef and cook again .This is the filling item
4.take a pan and fry the rava little and keep a side.
5.Using the same pan pour oil and fry onion,green chilly and the beef boiled water and boil it.
6.once its boiled add the rava and make uppumaav. its for stuffing
7.take a portion of the rava filling mix with beef filling and keep a side.
8.make poori little big size then add beef filling, boiled egg and frill the poori from the corners .cut the top of the frill then put it in a deep frying pan and fry it and allow to drain the oil.
9.make another poori little bigger than previous then add the rava filling. after that keep the previosly fried poori stuff upside down then do the frill. cut the top and fry again.

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