Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicken oat sweet corn soup

Ingredients : 
chicken breast- 2 pieces
oats- 2 tbsp
sweet corn- 4 tbsp
egg- 1
butter- 1 tbsp
carrot- 1 small (grated)
sugar- a pinch
corn flour- 1 tbsp
spring onion- finely chopped
salt- 2 taste

In a pot add chicken pieces n 6 cups water,salt n boil for 10 mints.Transfer chicken in to a bowl n shred it..

Then add shreded chicken n all other ingredients in to the stock..except egg n corn flour..

Use a fork to beat the egg in a small bowl.gradually pour the egg in to the soup.Stirring constantly with a spoon.finally add the corn flour ( mix corn flour with half cup of water)....boil for 5 mints..

Garnish with spring onions........healthy chicken oats soup is ready............

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