Monday, March 25, 2013

Potato-Carrot Loaf

Medium Potatoes-3 (cut in to small pieces)
carrot-1(cut in to small pieces)
yogurt -1 cup
Maida-1 cup (all purpose flour)
baking powder-1 tsp
oil-1/2 cup
chopped fresh coriander leaves-1/4 cup
crushed pepper-3/4 tsp
Preparation Method
Put the carrot n potatoes in a pan add enough water to cover the vegetables.Bring to boil n cook until tender.(Do not over cook.The veggies should be cooked but should not be over cooked)
Then drain.keep it aside.
Pre heat the oven to 380 F.Grease the sides n bottom of a baking dish with butter and dust with flour.
In a large mixing bowl ,using a whisk,stir the eggs to mix.Add the oil and stir well.Add the yogurt and stir again.Add the flour and baking powder.stir to mix.then add the diced n boiled veggies and chopped coriander leaves.mix well.Season with salt and pepper.(there is no need for a vigorous beating so dont use an electric mixer)
Place the batter in to the baking dish.Bake on the middle rack of the oven for 40-45 minuts.or until golden on top.Serve this loaf for break fast or as a snack..Its delicious too...YUmm Yumm..My whole family loved it.!..Enjoy..Happy baking..!

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